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What do you think is common between:
a 15-year-old with a journal,
a 22-year-old tired of being body-shamed for being ‘thin’
a 24-year-old who travelled solo for the first time
a 26-year-old who quit her illusion of control (AKA a full-time job) and
a 28-year-old galvanizing people to explore and express themselves?

ANSWER: The redemptive power of words and stories.



I am Elita
I have been blogging for the past eight years on themes such as body positivity, travel, mental health, and well-being.

Travel has been the catalyst that’s enabled me to un-layer my own narratives and Writing has been the medium that’s enabled the self-expression.

And that’s what Nomadic Thunker is about

Today, I use narratives as a medium when working with individuals, groups, and organizations to help improve both, intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships.

Curious to know how these come together? Here’s a post that would be a good place to start — Read: The Backstory of #BeYouForYou and #HaveFeetWillTravel

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