The escapist kid I was, I used to like imagining what it would’ve been to have had an identical twin. Attribute it to Bollywood for fueling my already then fertile imagination.

Growing up, trying to get a grip of an answer to the quintessential existential question: Who am I?, I used to search for versions of me in the people I met, the friends I made… Further compounded by the fact that, as a teenager no one seemed more alien than family itself. I used to wonder whether I was swapped at birth. In retrospect, damn you Bollywood.

Now, less a hormonal teenager but more a non-conceding reluctant adult (I blurred the lines), my thoughts continue to run (sometimes sprint) amok. I now have this curious urge to meet another me – with the same wiring, mannerisms, thought patterns, idiosyncrasies, weirdness and of course, sarcasm…get the drift, right? 

I’ve met a few mental twins, clones, co-pea from the pod, mirror images…
But I want to meet someone more than a trial version (i.e. continues to seem similar even after a year). 

I want to meet an older version of me…or may be the male version of me…a distant land version of me…a drummer boy/girl or nerdy or filthy rich version of me.

When I’ve shared this ingenious idea of mine, I’ve met with mixed reactions. But for most part, not too many people are keen on it.

Question: Would you like you if you met you?

If your answer is in the negative, may I ask how and why’d you expect someone else to accept you then?
If your answer is affirmative, I’d be curious to know if you’ve experienced that already.

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  1. Youuuu got me thinking..well to put in your words I have met the trial versions..many of them..nodding too much on same things..but you know trial versions expire that's just a part match.
    And to your question..yeah..sounds meeting me..WOW..but wait, hang on…second's so difficult to handle 'me' at times, how on earth am I going to handle 'double me'!!

  2. Thanks Deepika 🙂 And to reiterate my point – How can you expect someone else to accept you for what you are when you say 'how am I going to handle double me'?

    Hum hum hain yaar, baaki paani kum hai – fikar not, you can handle another you for sure. And then you'll wish there were more like you – after all who else would understand you any better?

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