You really want a backstory? Okay, then…

Legend has it that Certain Someone once had an English test to give. While most of it was a breeze, there was one question that was particularly vexing.

It read: What is the past tense of ‘think’?

So after much thought …and then some more, Certain Someone finally wrote ‘thunk’

As you can tell, the story-writers of my life thunk it befitting to remind me of this legendary story on the day I was seated in front of my computer, mulling over a domain name for my erstwhile blog.


This is the backstory of my alias


Hulloh there! I’m Elita

I’m often asked what Nomadic Thunker means. That legendary backstory notwithstanding, I’d like to add that while there was no pre-defined meaning or intent in choosing this name, it has evolved …since 2012.

Just like me!



Now it was Steve Jobs who said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

“Looking backwards”, I started to see how the Self has been a medium for the exploration of places, people and cultures; i.e. travel

And how places, people and culture have been the medium for the exploration of the Self; i.e. self-awareness


With travel as the muse, self-expression found an outlet in Have Feet Will Travel

Have Feet Will Travel is where my love for words meets travel.
This is where I recount my many journeys – the places, people and cultures experienced. Besides my own travelogues, I engage with communities, organizations and brands to co-create human-centric content and stories.

And with travel as the mirror, self-expression found an outlet in Be You For You

Be You For You is where my love for words meets community.
This is my entrepreneurial venture where I facilitate workshops on exploring personal narratives for self-discovery. I engage with individuals, communities and organizations on reclaiming and rewriting their narratives.


But I had to look backwards some more to truly understand how the dots had been connecting

I have been blogging for the past eight years on themes such as body positivity, travel, mental health and well-being. Travel has been the catalyst that’s enabled me to un-layer my own narratives and writing has been the medium that’s enabled the self-expression.

What do you think is common between:
 a 15 year old with a journal,
 a 22 year old tired about being body-shamed for being ‘thin’
 a 24 year old who travelled solo for the first time
 a 26 year old who quit her illusion of control (AKA a full-time job) and
 a 28 year old galvanizing people to explore and express themselves?

ANSWER: The redemptive power of words and stories.

What is that, you ask? Read the complete backstory here



Let’s work together

I use stories as a medium when working with individuals, groups and organizations to help improve both, intra and inter personal relationships.
I’m open to both, workshop as well as content collabs. Let’s explore

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