As humans, we are constantly seeking and making meaning. That’s why personal narratives matter.

We do this through stories.
Because stories help us as we make meaning of ourselves as well as the worlds we inhabit.

Not surprisingly, we are born into stories.
And we carry these stories forward.

Incidentally, we are, also, both the narrator and the audience of our stories!

The question, then is


Why do personal narratives matter?

Today, the easiest place for us to source our distractions is at the end of our own arm!
Quite literally.

We awkwardly joke and let out a little laugh about ‘feeling’ disconnected in spite of ‘being’ connected. Is it any wonder then that a majority of us are more confused, hurt and angry than we remember being a few years ago? Let alone a generation earlier?

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have” ~Robert Holden


Be You For You workshops on expressive writing and intra-personal communication. These are aimed at enabling participants understand their personal narratives.

So what can you expect from a workshop?
– Writing to express without any regard to form or other writing conventions including spelling, punctuation and verb agreement.
– A free-flow style of putting thoughts and emotions to paper and lends itself towards self-discovery through guided activities.
– NOT a creative writing workshop. Which means that a participant does not have to be a writer. Or be fluent in English.

Workshops are open for anyone interested in becoming more aware of their personal narratives. Participants range from parent-child duos to married couples to childhood friends and office colleagues.

Here’s how some of them have expressed their experience of the workshop:

For glimpses and more from workshops held till date, click here

The Be You For You lens to becoming aware of your stories

My own on-going journey of un-layering my narratives began to take place when places, people and culture became my medium of self-exploration. This, in turn, not only helped me begin explore my multi-layered story but also explore evidence-based methodologies of understanding one’s narratives.

These include:
Dr. Rogers’ person-centered approach;
Dr. Ellis’ rational emotive behaviour approach;
Dr. Pennebaker’s expressive writing;
Marshall B. Rosenberg’s compassionate communication;
Michael White’s narrative therapy;
the practice of Vipassana, among others.

Building my knowledge-resource bank through training and workshops while putting it to practical use in my own life first has been instrumental in laying down the following four as the lens to becoming aware of your story!


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To know more about my inspiration behind running and facilitating these workshops,
read iLaunch | My Eureka Moment = Be You For You 

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