I travel to write
I write to see what I’m thinking
I think to make sense of myself
I make sense of myself to thrive
I thrive to travel

I celebrated the fifth year since my first solo travel experience in October 2017!

Five years ago, I was just another girl going about her day, doing regular things. Had you met her then and asked her what she thought about travel, in general, and solo travel, in particular, she’d look back at you blankly. Travel, back then, was an indulgence to her. And yes, she indulged in it too; albeit occasionally.

Five years later, I’m no longer that girl and travel is anything but an indulgence for me. On the contrary, to travel is to question my every belief – about myself and the world I’m a part of. In other words, it’s like undertaking an OS upgrade, but of my entire being.

Travel is my life-force. Today, it’s the energy that guides me as I withstand and rise above the circumstances I encounter when I go about my day doing my kind of regular things i.e. to be me for me.

Have Feet Will Travel is…



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