From employee to freelancer to entrepreneur+freelancer, I have transitioned, dabbled and worked in different capacities with different clients – both individuals and organizations. You can view my past work experience on LinkedIn.

At the core of what I offer and what I do best are three keywords: Storytelling. Expression. Authenticity.

Stringing these together, here is how I propose we could work together:


Be You For You workshops

These are designed to enable:
– Corporate and not-for-profit organizations,
– School and college students and teachers, and
– Individuals to explore, express, discover and become aware of their narratives.

Using stories as the medium, I work with individuals, groups and organizations to enable them to examine their relationship with their own selves and its implication on interpersonal relationships (both, personal and professional).

Session content and duration are custom designed to suit the needs of the groups to include:
– Mindfulness
– Authenticity
– Vulnerability
– Emotional well-being
– Communication
– Story-telling as a method of brand-building

To view the workshop showcase and media, click here


Have Feet Will Travel – writing collabs

I undertake writing engagements with brands who promote responsible sustainable travel. Writing engagements take the form of:
– Human interest stories
– Cause-related marketing

I also engage with social enterprises and non-profits:
– Writing stories of change and impact
– Workshops on writing for documentation and reporting/creative writing
– Projects on:
– Internal process documentation
– Creating training modules

To view published work, accolades and mentions, click here


I cannot afford free work.
Kindly refrain from reaching out if ‘exposure’ is your only leverage.
I do not accept requests for unsolicited guest posts. The tone and content of my posts are personal.

To know more or if you have any other ideas/suggestions for us to collaborate, do drop me an email at

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